Organize Your Apps

Organizing your apps is one way to save time on your iPhone.  Just as you would organize your file cabinet, it is easy to sort your apps into pages according to their purpose and also place them alphabetically on those pages.  Here's how:

Plan your organization.  Decide what pages you need:

Your first page should only include the apps you use daily or regularly.

Other possible pages could include:

Once you have decided on the pages, it is time to start moving the apps onto  pages.

Here is a video tutorial that should help.

About your App Library

The App Library is the last page of your apps.  Click in the top search bar (red arrow) for the list which is alphabetical.

You phone organizes the apps in App Library for you, in categories based on how you use your apps. You can’t move them to another category in App Library.

If you see an App that isn't on any of your home pages, push on it in the App Library and you will get the menu which will say "add to home screen."

Click here for a tutorial:

About your App Pages

To see the different home screens (pages) of you Apps, make your apps wiggle (press on the screen in an empty area.).  Then touch the dotted oval at the bottom (see red arrow).  You will then see your pages.  It is possible to move them into a different order or "hide" them from view.

Click here for a tutorial: