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Create a Password System and Understanding Scams

Learn a password system that is easy to remember AND secure. This detailed password system will ensure your internet presence is as safe as possible.  See examples of current scams that can steal your money and your identity.

Traveling in Our Digital World

There ARE ways to use your smartphone when you travel internationally without the huge cost.....and there ARE great ways to get the best deal when planning your trips.  This powerpoint should give you some valuable information about traveling in our digital world.

Discover Your iCloud

This class is perfect for iPhone and iPad users who want to understand what the iCloud is, and how to manage storage. It will be particularly useful for those who continually receive messages about their iCloud storage being full or for those who would like a safe way, other than the iCloud, to store their pictures and videos. 

Conquering Apple Photo App and Photo Storage

Learn to use the Photos app as well as the camera app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to organize, edit and share all your pictures and videos. Also learn to securely store them in multiple locations and discover additional apps to amplify your creativity.

Need a New Computer?  Which Do You Choose?

Thinking you need to update your computer and wondering if you should switch to a PC, Mac, Chromebook or any at all?  This class will demonstrate and discuss the options open to you.  You will see a short demonstration of three types of computers:  a Mac, a PC and a Chromebook.  You will learn the pros and cons of each as well as the benefits to having them interact with your other devices.  By the end of the class, you should be able to decide the best fit for your digital world.

Be Prepared for Your Digital Future!

Learn what to expect in the next 10 years and be prepared to make YOUR digital future secure and optimal.  Included are six steps to becoming a smart digital consumer.

Prepare Your Technology Future

The Information Age has exploded and, in many ways, complicated our lives.  With so many security and privacy risks, it is important to protect ourselves, as well as establish a clear vision of ways to efficiently integrate the ever-expanding demands of the digital age to maximize our quality of life.  Accomplish just that by creating your own digital bucket list for 2021.  Learn what steps to take to control your email, secure your browsing, secure and update your devices, and most importantly, find all information you need.

The World of Google Part I

Used for over two decades, Google is not only a search engine, but a source of a myriad of products that can simplify your often frustrating journey in this digital world. Your Google journey begins with an overview of the many products including Youtube, Gmail, Translate, Google Drive, Google Photos, Hangouts, Flights, Sites, Waze and more.  Traveling deeper into Gmail and Google Chrome, it will become clear that the power of this enormous company can be harnessed to greatly improve our, seemingly overwhelming, digital world.

The World of Apple 

From the iPhone to the Apple Watch, Apple products have gained global recognition because of their incredible innovation, great looks, and creative designs. They have advanced features and applications, as well as strict quality control, all of which make them stand out from the crowd of electronic devices on the market. This class examines the various Apple devices available now as well as those planned in the future, and it provides suggestions on how they can better facilitate our navigation in the digital world.

Be Prepared for Your Future

This presentation gives you a look into the future of technology for Wiseboomers.  Learn ways to be prepared to create the best possible life for you and your family.

This lecture can be viewed in the video version here.

Your Personal Technology

What can you do to insure you successfully navigate the future securely and efficiently?  Learn how technology can be used to improve your quality of life for the next decade with you controlling it every step of the way.

Online Shopping Secrets

Do you trust online shopping? Do you always get the best price? This session will provide information you need to shop safely and save money whether you are shopping for groceries, clothing or airline tickets.

Use Your Smartphone!

Smartphones are full of tools you need for the future. In this session, learn to use your phone for more... from depositing checks to checking your lottery tickets. You paid a lot for it. Now get your money’s worth out of it. A complete list of the many relevant and important tools will be provided.