Siri Commands

Calls, Email, Texting:

Call (name)

Text (name)

FaceTime (name)

Send an email to (name)

Read my messages

Check my voicemails


Open (app name)

Take a picture Take a video

Take a selfie

Turn on/off flashlight

Set a timer for __ minutes

Wake me up at __ AM/PM

Set an alarm for __ AM/PM

What alarms do I have?

Find nearby friends (if they’re in the Find My app)

Show me photos with (name)


Turn on/off Wi-Fi (or any other setting)

Increase/decrease brightness

Lower/increase volume to [percentage]

Mute my phone


When is (holiday name)?

Set an appointment with (name) at (time)

Cancel appointment with (name) at (time

What appointments do I have today (or any other day)?

Remind me to _____


What time is it?

What’s today’s date?

When is sunset?

What time is it in (place) ?

What is the weather like today?

Is it raining?

How is traffic today?

How much is gas right now?

Tell me a synonym for [word]

How do you say [word] in [language]?

What is the definition of [word]?

Convert $600 to euros.

How many meters are in a mile?

What is 121 + 3,487 + 675?

What is the etymology of [word]?

For fun:

Tell me a joke

Knock knock

What does the fox say?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

What are you wearing?

Will you marry me?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Blue pill or red pill?

Is winter coming?

What is the meaning of life?

Flip a coin

Roll a die

What is [Twitter handle] saying on Twitter?

Find nearby friends (if they’re connected in the Find My app)

Show me photos with [person]

What can you do?